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Ruby Hoedown Slides

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Below are the slides for a talk that Aman Gupta and I gave at Ruby Hoedown

Download the PDF here

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Written by Joe Damato

August 29th, 2009 at 1:05 am

  • Too pity that there's no video link for this great talk.

  • morevisitors

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  • dkannan

    is it possible to get the video anywhere

  • George

    I'm sure the content of your presentation is great. Unfortunately you made two decisions that make it very difficult to read it. Decision #1: using this web site. Its is so overladen with Javascript it has totally bogged down in my browser (FF 3.014). using 900 MB (on a system with 512 Mb (1/2 GB) of RAM. a configuration which is equal to or larger than 85% of the PC's the world today.) Decision #2: A DIFFERENT SLIDE FOR EACH ADDITIONAL LINE?????
    Look, I'm an adult I've been reading on my own for 45 years or so. Don't make me click the mouse each time I want to read the next LINE FOR GOD'S SAKE! 263 SLIDES?????? 263???? Unbelievable.
    Post a plain html version on one page. If you want readers, then give them the easiest and fastest way to consume your content possible, eg - stay out of their way.
    Don't force them to jump through hoops just to read a text outline.

    Remember UNIX? KISS? Always use the simplest format possible.

    I'm giving up on slide 61 (about 8 actual pages. ) Let me know when you post it in a more appropriate format.

  • OK, I updated the post with a link to a PDF version. (http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/....

    But first, please chill the fuck out.

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