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Garbage Collection Slides from LA Ruby Conference

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Written by Aman Gupta

February 20th, 2010 at 3:03 pm

  • Great slides, loved it despite not having audio. Would love to see it made into a screencast someday.
    Nice work, guys.

  • Hi there. First off, the slides are really great, even without the audio! So thanks a lot for making them available!

    I do think I might've found a little typo in slide 26: the last bullet says "obj->free.next" but it should be "obj->as.free.next" because you need to access the "free" field of the union called "as" (like the code in slide 15).

  • Yes, that is definitely a typo. Good catch.

  • tmm1
  • StopDropAndrew

    You mention a "long life GC" patch but I haven't heard of that type of patch. Can you provide a link?

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