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I’m Joe Damato and I’m as real as it gets.

Joe Damato

Me hacking away. Oct 1990, 5 years old.

I was born and I grew up in New Jersey.

When I was 5, my dad found an early hackintosh and a book titled: “BASIC Programming for Kids” by Roz Ault in a recycling bin at a Damato family owned recycling business, where he works.

He brought it home and I started hacking.

17 years later, I graduated as a computer science and cognitive science double major in 2007 from Carnegie Mellon. I love low level hacking, operating system design, and performance analysis.

During college I worked on a variety of startups with close friends and I started a Y-Combinator funded company during the summer of 2007.

I now live in the Bay Area and work on startups and open source.

I’ve worked at VMWare, Amazon, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, and a bunch of startups.

I can be reached on:

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October 1st, 2008 at 3:07 am

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